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Rumors amongst 1D

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It seems that ever since the boys have been back in the UK, there have been numerous rumors daily, about them and what they have been doing.  Some recent, yet ridiculous ones were:

#1: One Direction is splitting up.


#2: One Direction being accused of Sexual Harassment.

Now, the first one is bad but not necessarily horrible. Yea, our favorite boy band going their separate ways is definitely not a good thing, but people all the time same things such as this.  The one thing that made it so believe however is the fact that it was supposedly published by BBC news.  Which in my opinion I would say it would be pretty legit.  This rumor also came with a photoshopped picture of it on BBC news’ website and thousands of girls going crazy over what they thought was real.  However, all one needed to do is actually search the news site and see that BBC news did not publish an article saying anything about this matter.  And do we not have any faith that the boys would tell u something if they decided to split? And why would they do so at the peak of their career? They have a basically sold out 2013 tour, I mean come on people, really?

The second rumor was seen on Zimbio.com and the article has been recently taken down, mostly likely because of its false accusations.


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