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Manon, A not so sick child

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Now most of you on twitter have heard of the ‘spinthelouis’ crap. We didn’t really have an opinion on it but we were asked to write something on it. Which we obliged.

Manon was a french directioner who was supposedly diagnosed with cancer two years ago, alot of people felt like she only said she had cancer for followers. Other believed her. We at Official1DUS had never heard of Manon until the day of her supposed ‘death’. She had died apparently in surgery when there was a complication removing her cancer. Which was highly fishy because she had said her Cancer had already spread. Now, I’ve seen people go OH SHE HAS HAIR SHES LYING. From my personal experience with my father’s kidney cancer he still has his hair and he takes chemo. I mean its really rigorous on him and hes tired all the time, lost ALOT of weight. I mean like ALOT. He still has hair though.

Now July 6th-8th, right after she had supposedly died her ‘brother’ had taken to twitter reporting her death. Then IMMEDIATLY started asking for a co-owner of the account. If my sister had died I wouldn’t have taken to twitter right then and there I would of probably waited a few days then posted about my sister dying. All in all it sent twitter into a frenzy many people Awed over her ‘last tweet’ being to Louis saying, that she loved him forever and always and after many pleads to Louis he replied.:

Manon’s suppsoed last tweet and Louis’ reply

Which I thought was very very sweet. Until the facts started to show up, she had activity on her instagram, her youtube and her friends from school were saying, “She hasn’t died, nor does she have cancer. Is this some kind of sick joke?”

It seems to be love. It seems to be as here is the DMs on HER account between her and a friend.

dms between Manon and friend and translation

Between another friend which I can’t find the screen shot for is:

Manon: ” Hey, i saw that you commented something on my instagram. I’m not dead. Someone hacked me. Tell this to nobody otherwise i’ll have big problems! ”

The girl of her school: ” Manon it’s the madness on twitter and facebook!!! ”


The girl of her school: ” Seriously do something! ”

Manon: ” But please says nothing. And what’s happening ? ”

The girl of her school: ” No please tweet something because it can become serious ”

Manon: ” I’m going to delete my insta, fb and now i’m going to delete my twitter. ”

Manon: ” I’m going to delete don’t worry. ”

Manon: ” What’s going on? ”

The girl of her school: ” Oh it’s better now you’re really stupid because you faked your death ”

Manon: ” This is not my fault, i can’t tweet anything and my insta was hacked ”

Manon: ” Tomorrow i delete my twitter. ”

The girl of her school: ” You are not logical because you still can speak to me. ”

After these screenshots and other were released she quickly deleted her accounts. ect. I think shes very sick and in need of alot of help as she had the mentality to start a rumor that she had died and make up that she had cancer. Its still unfathomable to me.


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