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Prequel: Zayn and Perrie Edwards’ relationship : Publicity stunt or Not?

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We all know that relationships in the celebrity world are never kept secret for long, we usually see them hanging out in pictures once or twice before we actually get a confirmation that said celebrity is a couple. In One Direction’s case we have 2 1/2 relationships. Two being ‘Elounor’ and ‘Payzer’ . The relationships of Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, already a good majority of the fans have warmed up to their girlfriends Eleanor and Danielle. But, there are the fans that do dislike them very much within the fandom and send them hate which results into their boyfriends taking to Twitter to defend their loves.

Most Recently before the One Direction boys went on their U.S. Up All Night tour across America, Zayn Malik was pictured with Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. These pictures shot rage through the fans as they raced to find an explanation. The pair had never been picture before by UK paps. Ever. They were hardly known as friends until these showed up:

Alleged Perrie and Zayn kiss

'The Suns' pictures of the alleged couple

the alleged couple riding a scooter

Now what is strange in their kissing photo is that they don’t really have any passion in their kiss. See how their hands are to his sides? Their faces show no emotion of love in them, I would say this is a A-class awkward kiss. I mean it looks very staged first of all all these photo’s are professionally taken and they are the ONLY photos of them together. It was only after these photos that Zayn claimed he was ‘seeing’ someone.

Now see this photo, this was taken just shortly after Liam and Danielle started going out. See the happiness in their faces? How close they are? That photo is a genuine kiss, nothing wrong at all in that photo at all.

This picture too of Eleanor and Louis saying their goodbyes. Looks more filled of romance then any of the Alleged Zerrie photos

Don’t even get me started on the scooter… Who the fuck rides a scooter as a date?

We will have more on our continued series of Zayn and Perrie Edwards’ relationship: Publicity stunt or Not?



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