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Stop 1D Management? 1D Drop Management?

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I’ve been seeing loads of crap on our timeline about ‘Stopping 1Ds Management’. First of all I’d like to say as much as I agree with you. Trending something ISNT going to help, nor a petition, boycott, ect. Everything we do has a consequence on the boys. Say we boycott any 1D sales. The boys just lose money. Say we do a petition? Legally, they don’t need to abide by the petition. Management are the people who control One Direction’s daily life, while the boys have not said outright that they do not like their management team. I’m sure they disagree with what alot of Management says. Which they can’t say no too.

It’s not that they don’t have free will. It’s not that they don’t care about being pushed around. It’s most likely in their contract, that they have to abide by rules set by their babysitters even if they are full grown men. Now you’re probably thinking… Why don’t they drop Management? Fact is.. they can’t. They are signed by SYCO for a certain number of years so SYCO chooses their team. If they were to leave SYCO before their contract is up it would result into a law suit, if they were to leave and go to another record label they wouldn’t be One Direction anymore as the name is owned by SYCO.

I know “Management” hasn’t been particularly fair with anything lately, but its not just management its their whole team. They’re watching 5 teenage hormonal boys who are on the top of the mountain right now with MILLIONS of dollars. Their publicist team are in charge of keeping their perfect boy image so if they tweet something wrong, or say ‘shower of cunts’ they have to take to twitter and say sorry and make them look innocent. They also delete tweets to still keep up that image. Their Marketing team decides where to put their demographic and little children are shown to respond to boy band pop music so it was a good marketing decision to put them on Nick. The boys have NO say in it, and I’m sure they’re fine with it. If it brings them money so they can continue their dream.

Them being tired is not the managements fault though, jet-lag is a common side effect with any celebrity that does movie shoots or any singer that is on tour. It’s something they have to get used to too. You know what the boys put up with being tired FOR US. They put their smiles on when they really just want to sleep. So DON’T blame management on them loosing sleep, if the boys don’t go back to the hotel and sleep its entirely their own fault.

We cannot change anything though, I’m sorry. But, spamming their friends and family isn’t going to change anything. Spamming their own accounts WONT DO ANYTHING. It’s just being irrelevent. Twitter and Tumblr are just part of the fandom, remember that they did get popular amongst young children. They could easily do a BTR move and get more of a fanbase if we ‘boycotted’ Also, by cussing at a grown adult that probably has connections with the boys only makes their fans look like the children they are supposed to be targeting.

So what I’m trying to say is let things run their course. It will relax soon, and nothing will be as crazy as it is in a year or so.

Remember if they drop SYCO it results into a lawsuit. If they drop SYCO they’re dropping Simon.


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