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2013 Tour too much too soon?

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It’s only been a week or so since the boys of One Direction said goodbye to their ‘Up All Night American Tour’ and in just another week they’ll be playing a couple festival shows. The boys will be on a 6 month Hiatus before their Madison Square Garden show in New York City that was sold out. That means 20,000 people on December 3, 2012 will be witnessing the LAST Up All Night performance. The boys have worked hard though these last 6 months touring and working hard. Their 2013 tour starts up in February with their first show February 22, at the London The O2 Arena. The boys will most likely only be singing songs from their new album that is rumored to be released anywhere from September to Novemeber, all in all though we think these boys are being worked a little too hard. 101 shows is hard enough on one person but the added stress of crazy fans and being with the same person for 6 months might make the boys a tad crazy. Hopefully the boys use their vacation time wisely.

The group initially announced 15 shows across the UK and Ireland. The group added extra shows around the UK and Ireland due to high demand, including matinée performances at various dates. One Direction announced the extra shows on their Twitter page throughout the morning after the initial dates went on sale. The tickets for the UK and Ireland dates went on sale, 25 February 2012. Ticket sales reached 300,000 within a day of release respectively. The original dates sold out within minutes — with 1,000 tickets selling per minute, with two or three extra dates having been added at each city.

Then in April about a month after tickets for their 2012 summer tour in america was announced the American Leg of the 2013 tour was announced and the tickets were sold. Many fans were angry as they had either gotten tickets the previous month and found it too soon to be selling tickets for a show literally a year away. But to the fans who didn’t get tickets they were overjoyed and jumped at the chance causing many sites such as Ticketmaster and Livenation to crash because of the overwhelming amount of people trying to access their servers at once.

After that it was only a matter of time before the Australasia dates were announced and they kept being announced throughout the day to the joy of most Australian fans, but like with the American ticket sites. Tickettek could not handle the overwhelming amount of Directioners trying to access their servers. Tickets for the Perth show, which went on sale later than the rest of Australia, sold out in six minutes.

It is said that One Direction will have racked up at least 171 live performances by the time they come off stage at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, in October 2013.

This is too much too soon we think as the boys will be touring from February to late October. Boys enjoy your vacation while it lasts.

40 in Europe
38 in North America
23 in Australasia
101 Total


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