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One Direction boys Sympathetic to a girl who lived in Louis’ town

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Casey Kearney, (13) from Doncaster, England, tragically and brutally murdered on the cusp of her teenage years this past Valentine’s Day. She was stabbed to death in a Doncaster park by  the psychiatric patient , Hannah Bonser. Both Casey and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson grew up in the same town of Doncaster where the teenager was attacked by psychiatric patient Hannah Bonser in a park on Valentine’s Day.

On, July 11, 2012, Hannah Bonser was jailed for life for the incident. Louis and the rest of One Direction sent a sympathy card and flowers to Casey’s family. The note read, “Thinking of all of Casey’s family at this sad time. With Love, Louis and all of One Direction, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn.”

Casey’s mother, Kerry Day, told The Sun how moved she’d been by the 1D boys’ gesture.

She said, “It was amazing they took the trouble to send a card. It was a real kindness…”

How desperately sad, but how very kind of 1D to show their support for Casey’s family. Well done boys.



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