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A Year In The Making

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Today was a very emotional day for Directioners across america today was the day, A Year In The Making , a One Direction documentary would be screened for the first time on US soil. Some were upset as they had Directv/Viacom service and made sure to complain that they could not watch it. Which resulted in Directv/Viacom to play it just specially for Directioners, Nick also streamed it on their website. So as the night went on and lots of tissues were used we heard alot of complaints but reviews from Directioners.

its only 8 minutes into it and im already crying at how far they’ve come…. 


We are to Lindsey we are too.

 it was good they cut out the legally being able to drink part lol. It was nice to see them on my tv then computer


they cut out the “Harrys shit” part and when they talked about drinking but they showed Harry naked to a bunch of 10 year olds


they didn’t do a goo job of editing some scenes..*cough the pool scenes* but other than that it was just wonderful(:


It was A+++++ claps for you Nick. You finally decided it was alright to air child pornogrophy 😀


they cut out the best parts ! Harry naked scene, them talking about drinking by the fire…..but it still made me cry !


 I think it was dumb how they took out the part where they said shit but they kept where you can see Harry’s weewee!


I think that having the 1D documentary on Nick there will def. be many more new young fans and idk if that’s a good thing :S


I dont think Nick was really worthy to introduce new people into this fanbase- the advertisements were aimed at 7 year olds :/


i cried.. A lot. Lol. 🙂 but it was just amazing to watch it on tv. It makes me soooo proud, i loved it ❤ even though i had seen it many times before, i still cried and still smiled like an idiot during the whole thing 😉


From what we can gather all The Directioners can agree on one thing that documentary was one thing that we can never forget, it shows our 5 boys being lovely boys. Before all the drama. Before all the fame. They were truly a year in the making. Though I do agree that since The legal drinking age in the UK is 18 and as the documentary was broadcasted on a family network, and the legal age being 21 in America the bastard producers cut out the part we loved alot. 😦

Nick does have the legal marketing right to broadcast it on TV, I mean it just give our boys more money. The twelve year olds that are watching the program are probably going to go out and by One Direction related merchandise which all goes back to our 5 boys and can pay for Zayn’s Tattoo addiciton.

Taylor here signing off xoxox

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