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Niall Horan scared of the ladies, but he will make a good husband!

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Niall Horan’s dad Bobby recently had a revealing chat with The Mirror, telling the tales of Niall.

He’s young, handsome and in the hottest boyband of the century, he’s been mobbed by screaming girls wherever he goes, in one recent event was when Liam and Niall were in Time Square, New York City, he realized that he couldn’t just walk down the street anymore as 600+ people mobbed them.

Rather than make the best of it like Harry, Niall’s father revealed that the fans constantly vying for his attention scares him.

Young, handsome and loaded, it’s no wonder One Direction’s Niall Horan gets mobbed by screaming girls wherever he goes.

But rather than making the most of it like bandmate Harry Styles, Niall’s dad Bobby has revealed the constant attention from girls actually scares him.

“There are hordes of young girls around him, and not much room to breathe anywhere. He says it can be frightening. Coming out of airports and girls crowding around their cars, he’s started to get really claustrophobic.” – Bobby Horan

Bobby, 51, says his boy is happy to leave the ladies’ man routine to Harry.

“Harry knows how to win the girls over and charm them. But he’s a real gent, a lovely, well-mannered, well brought up lad. ”

His Dad also told The Mirror  that since Niall and his brother Greg started living with him, he became very independent and had too as his dad was always working. So from age seven Niall was doing his own washing, ironing and even his own cooking. Being as his dad took the early morning shifts, Niall sometimes had to make the long mile and half walk to school.

credit to mirror

So when he left at sixteen to audition for the x-factor he was very well off and independent. His father says that despite being so big in the public eye, when does have down time he just really likes to be at home and goes straight to his red and sky blue room and strum on his guitar. He just likes to be Niall for a chance, not Niall Horan from One Direction.

Bobby is sure that his famous son will keep his feet on the ground. “He works very hard with One Direction but he loves it. Niall absolutely loves life, doesn’t take things too seriously and doesn’t get hung up about anything.”


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