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Dublin One Direction flashmob!

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In all fandoms there has been a flashmob, Directioners are no different. The signifigant ones most recently: LA flashmob, Italy Flash Mob, and now the Dublin flashmob.

Dublin Flashmob planners have been working for months, planning and choreographing. Mixing the music. all to help raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation, Then when it came down to the big-shibang it hit big. The photo above is just some of the dancers as most had started heading out by that point. July 15th  about 3pm 60+ girls poured out onto the busiest street in Dublin and started dancing. Making it come to a complete standstill, it attracted a large crowd and even a few Horans came out to see it.

the street in a standstill

Aoife Horan’s picture of the flashmob girls

Aoife’s tweet about the flashmob

Aoife’s tweet about the flashmob

Niall’s tweets

Good job girls! 🙂 I’ll be on the look out for pics and videos!

The girls raised 600€ 🙂


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