5 Directions of Summer

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Fans outside Harry’s house yesterday

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It was another overcast day in Holmes Chapel village, the sun was barely peaking out of the clouds, the smell of rain was everywhere, 16 fangirls outside of a house. Everything was perfectly normal. If you can’t tell I was being sarcastic, yesterday in Harry Styles hometown the star had returned to his house. His mother, Anne, that day was sick and sources say the star had asked the girls in front of his house to ‘go home’ as he wanted to take care of his sick mother. Though the girls strung hard and true the star did eventually come out and take pictures with the fans outside his home Saturday, he was a tad upset that even after that some girls still stood outside the house.

His mother wasn’t dying or anything, but she was still ill and all he wanted to do was relax and take care of her. Below are the girls that were outside Harry’s house yesterday.

Harry yesterday

A fan and harry yesterday

A fan and harry yesterday


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