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Harry Styles: Matchmaker?

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We’ve always known Harry to have a way with the ladies, but only recently did it surface that he’s ‘One Direction’s Love Guru’ after helping Liam Payne, his band mate, and Louis Tomlinson, his other bandmate, bag the lovely Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder were starting to call him the Love Guru aswell!

“This has never been told before, but when I actually got with my girlfriend, Harry was the boy that set us up,” Payne told i93 Dallas. “Also, Louis and Eleanor as well, was also Harry. Harry’s the magic match up man.”

However, as Harry is running around playing cupid and helping everyone else. Where is his own Love Guru to help the pop-sensation find his own love? Liam and Harry both admitted in the interview with i93 that Harry is ‘Crap with finding a girlfriend’

“He’s like hitch he can do it for everyone else… he’s a lonely old man,” lamented Liam.


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