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Full Exclusive On the 1D Dublin Flashmob :)

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The Organizers

It was a normal Sunday in Dublin, Ireland. Nothing out of the ordinary, of course that is until 150+ girls ran out into St. Stephens Green, they danced along to a mix they had mastered themselves and their dance moves were all choreographed by girls; .
Those organizers of the flashmob include  @nic_mcnamara @larisa_1D @steph1Dmalik@oxnighthawk @Sineadredmond1D @Teamlouis1Dx

@gemmabirch1D @SharonMcD_x @_ashieexo @shannon_TW_1D@Triona95 @georgiahadcroft

@Lauren_1D__ @Jennifer_Norris@proudofnialler @iamshaunaaa @1D_Superhero @katyaatkinson

@Emma_LeeXx @Joanne_x_JLS @1DJanoskiansIRE @DanielleLoves1D @Katie_1Dxx @1DIRECTIONATION

@_SiobhanReilly@NiallHoransBaby @MeganL0uise @Triona95 @Jennifer_Norris , and putting their heads together they decided to do something good out of it. Raise money for the children’s charity Make A Wish foundation, as it was very close to their hearts. It took 6 long months as they put their blood, sweat, and tears into it. The girls who I interviewed wanted to give a big thanks to Triona and Siobhan for their hardwork, determination, and the will to keep the organizers together. Long rehearsals and lots of promoting they finally got a member of the most famous family in Ireland to notice them, Aoife Horan, cousin of Niall. The girls of the flashmob had been hearing rumors . Everyday we were all like “Bobby and Greg are coming down! Maybe Niall too because he was home” then Aoife(Niall’s cousin) took the train down with her friend and her two lovely girls, Laoise and Mia.

Aoife’s tweet about the flashmob

Aoife’s tweet about the flashmob

Niall’s mum had called Niall earlier informing him of the flashmob and although he was able to attend, he supported the irish fans full force tweeting this message to fans.

Niall’s tweets

So at 3pm the girls started their flashmob and it was a notable one, making traffic in the most busiest street in Dublin come to a standstill. The crowd all stopped and stared at the hard-core directioners. The organizers had no idea the impact they had made, and at one point one of the girls had looked up and couldn’t believe how many people she saw. Even the pedestrians that were trying to cross and get through that eventually gave up and endured the 5-6 minute long remix enjoyed it.

After they did it once, they did it again for Aoife as she came just a little to fashionably late. The girls of the flashmob wrote their twitters on a flag and gave it to Aoife who said she would give it to Niall.

About an hour after their flashmob articles were being written from all over the internet of these girls and their flashmob. Most of them had no idea until I had told them, one of them didn’t know until they were on the train and heard they were on the radio! Pedestrians that had seen the girls practicing asked them what was happening and then even after the flash mob word had spread about it and in a true directioner way some girls had gone to Nandos and the waiter had asked them what was going on.

 Even though I wasn’t actually dancing but watching it happen and recording it felt amazing, to know that just by all you girls dancing it could make someone’s wish come true! From the point of view of a viewer in the street, it was incredible!

– Melody (Camera Woman)

The girls would all like to Thank EVERY single person who contributed and came along, it made that day the best day of their lives. All the stress and hard work of each and everyone had paid off, as they say in the Irish language and I have no idea what it means, ” ga raibh maith agat!”

The girls raised 600 euros for charity which is the equivalent to $730 USD which is enough to send a child and his/her family to Legoland, the girls say that it such an amazing feeling to feel that they have achieved so much. Seeing Niall’s tweets, reading articles, hearing about themselves on the radios and even doing this interview is beyond what they all thought.  They had only met once all the girls organizing, and they can all say that they are the best group of girls they have ever met, they made each other feel welcome and truly made the fandom feel whole and like a family. They all heard an inspiring story of one brave directioner, one girls wish was to record a single with the boys.  It will definatly be a story to tell the grandkids!

When we first came up with the idea of doing a flashmob, we never imagined anything as big as yesterday to happen. Seven months ago when we all started to plan it, we really didn’t know what we were in for. Of course there was so stressfultimes and a few arguements and mishaps but I think that made the day even better. Throughout the months we’ve gone from strangers to best friends, endless nights up chatting and our trips to Nando’s strengthed this. The flashmob itself proved how a boyband can unite alot of people. Towards the end of the day, I think everyone made some new friends. I can’t thank the organisers enough for everything they’ve done not only for the flashmob but for me, they always supplied that shoulder to lean on. To me they’re family now.
                                                                                                                                                                                            – Triona (Head Organizer)
And a message from the organizers:
  On behalf of all of the organizers, we want to say a massive THANK YOU to:
-One Direction for being our inspirations to do the flashmob and especially to Niall who showed his undying love and support and excitement that we were doing it.
-The Horan Family for supporting us with the flashmob too. To Bobby, Maura and Greg for letting us know that they know about it. To Aoife Horan who took the train from Mullingar to Dublin with her friend and two amazing daughters, Laoise and Mia.
-The Make A Wish Foundation for allowing us to do the 1D Flashmob to raise money for them.
-To everyone who came to the flashmob and donated money as well.
-To Triona who has made everything possible
-To everyone on twitter who wished us luck and supported us
-To the random guys who were busking in Grafton Street for letting us borrow their amplifiers and mic
-To Siobhan and Sara for doing the choreography and especially Megan.
-To Nicole for doing the music we used for the flashmob.
-To the guards who interrupted our last minute rehearsals and the police who said we are to be moved if we block the streets but we weren’t.
The girls are planning to do another flashmob in the near future. To find out how you can donate, contact Make-A-Wish foundation or tweet @DublinFlashmob

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