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Zayn’s Mom is Proud of her Son

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Patricia Malik, mother of boy band member, Zayn Malik has One Direction merchandise that Directioners around the world would love to get there hands on, an according to the Daily Star, it is all around her house.

 “Zayn’s mum has an enormous clock with his face as the background on their mantelpiece.  He’s a hero in that house and there are Zayn tea towels and pictures of him all over the place.  In some ways it’s really sweet. but in others it’s a bit over the top. He lives in London and is touring all the time so she misses her boy like crazy,” said a friend of Patricia to the Daily Star.

A link to a video of Zayn’s proud mom talking about her amazing son is posted below. 🙂

Interview With Patricia Malik


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One thought on “Zayn’s Mom is Proud of her Son

  1. dibs on harry edward styles

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