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Be on the lookout for a new boy band!

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The 2010’s have started to be called the boyband years. As their are boy bands popping up left and right. The Wanted, Mindless Behavior, Big Time Rush, ect. ect. One recent boyband that has been our radar is IM5, they were put together after a nationwide talent search by Creative Directior and Choreographer Jamie King, American Idol producer Simon Fuller and Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, a interesting trio. It  definitely worked out though! So they’re born and raised on US soil, sorry girls no british accents! Even though they attempted them in a recent Ustream they did. Which we clap at their effort! So 5 boys; Dana Vaughns, Dalton Rappatoni, Cole Pendery, Gabriel Morales, and Will Jay come together to make IM5.

Like their name suggests, IM5 is an exciting new musical act comprised of five very different boys sharing a love of entertaining. Brought together by showbiz vets Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton, IM5 has been a band for over a year now, undergoing intensive vocal and dance training. They are currently working on their debut album and fine-tuning their live performances…. Stay tuned!

IM5 started making covers of popular pop songs such as Domino by Jessie J

Gonna Be Me  by NSYNC

till they produced their own single Everything About U

Their latest track though is a poppy, gets stuck in your head tune featuring Bella Thorne

So check them out! Tweet @im5band telling them “Official1dUS wrote and article about you!” and link them!

The boys:

Dana Vaughns: @Danaim5

Will Jay: @willjayim5

Dalton Rappatoni: @daltonim5

Gabriel Morales: @gabeim5

Cole Pendery: @coleim5

IM5 main account: @im5band


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