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Anne comes to defense

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Harry Styles ‘mum,  Anne Cox,  took to Twitter a few days ago in defense of what little privacy her son recieves. She follows only a few hundred people and when a big updates account on Twitter retweeted a public record copy of Harry’s birth certificate, Anne tweeted in response: “why would you even have that??”

Why wouldn’t you? It was on a public record site, for birth certificate, the fan did not go and request it. She had simply logged onto ANY public records site and simply searched and found. The certificate did not name his last known address, or any certainly private information that none of the fans didn’t already know. Besides showing the ever controversial on what Harry’s name is. As ever since Harry’s band mates had called him Harold thats what a large amount of fans thought  his name was. Even though his own mother and sister even took to twitter to say that his name was Harry Edward Styles, not Harold .

The updates account should of taken into account when retweeting the photo and should of put into the thought of it might upset his mother. But, since the ordeal of his mother taking defense of her son’s privacy the fan that had posted not only his but the rest of the band’s birth records has deleted the pictures.



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