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Cougar #3 another Caroline?

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It is no secret that Harry likes his ladies a little bit more mature. Find out who is the latest cougar to catch the media’s attention.

Harry Styles would have no trouble finding himself a lady close to his own age, but he’s made it pretty clear he likes his women mature. Now, the boy-bander has just charmed ITV reporter Caroline Whitmore! She interviewed the band mates over the weekend after they performed at PINP music festival, but of course Harry has a soft spot for the older ones.

According to The Sun, “Harry was the only one of the boys to kiss her—and he did it twice.”

The rest of the band members were egging him on, teasing Harry with comments such as, “Ooh—a kiss for Caroline. It wouldn’t be the first time. Harry tried to brush it off but the lads kept teasing them and making funny noises and dropping hints they were an item.”

One of her pals messaged her on Twitter: “Harry’s grown up from when I met him in ‘your’ studio a couple of years back — eek!”

Remember Harry’s last Caroline relationship? He dated 32-year old ITV2 host Caroline Flack up until four months ago! Before that, he had a fling with married radio DJ Lucy Horobin, 32.

Though ITV reporter is apparently a married woman; Caroline and her husband have been together for 17 years! Looks like Harry was just doing some harmless flirting, and our guess is that he is still on the market, ladies!

Flirting with 1D can prove dangerous for women in serious relationships. Ruth Hicks revealed she was dumped by her fiancé after he spotted photos of her giggling with Niall Horan.




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