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Danielle to be tossed around on stage?

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We have witnessed his girlfriend shake her booty to LMFAO, be a cupidheart dancer in Olly Murs Heart Skips a Beat performance, and many others. So when we heard a little snippet of her next dance routine was spilt. We had to jump onto it. But, boy Liam must turn his head at this one.

Liam has been dating dancer Danielle Peazer,Liam and Danielle met on the set of The X Factor, where she was a back-up dancer. She will be dancing in the 2012 Olympics, with choreographer Aicha McKenzie who put together intense routines. She reveals that the dancers including Danielle will be in various sexy positions onstage.

“The dancers have been working as hard as the athletes while training for their Olympic performances,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “The dance routines are really energetic and at one point Danielle is thrown all around by one of the male dancers before she straddles him.

“Liam might want to nip out for a drink at that point.”


The pair are expected to move in together after this year’s Olympics conclude.

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