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Perrie eats dog food?

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One Direction has plenty of press, and there are definitly stories on their girlfriends aswell. Including one  latest rumor that Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Perrie Edwards eats dog and cat food has her brother seeing red. Reports came out on Monday that Edwards was eating alternative foods. Which caused tabloids and bloggers alike all over it. According to Perry Edwards’ brother Jonnie Edwards on Wednesday, it’s nasty rumor and One Direction fans need to stop spreading it.

“Right! for what it’s worth, Perrie doesn’t eat cat or dog food, ****ing grow up the lot of you. Stop believing everything you read!” tweeted Jonnie Edwards from his Twitter account on Wednesday. While the brother goes on to defend his sister, it’s disappointing to see Zayn Malik didn’t defend Perrie at all. His Twitter accountdefinitely is updated, but the One Direction band member seems to be focused on the weather in England instead of stopping a unfounded rumor.


One thought on “Perrie eats dog food?

  1. Today I heard a new that ID will be in mexico city and the elected president brought all the VIP area, the real fans were very mad, lol

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