5 Directions of Summer

Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !

New Single and Video

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Hi guys! Sorry we have not been updating as much, school has started back for us and we are getting back in the hang of things, we should be fully functioning again soon!

ALOT has happened in the past few weeks.

Harry walked around in a creepy morph suit.  Zayn deleted his twitter, then came back the next day.  The new single is coming out soon.  The video has already been shot. Along with pictures of the boys soaking wet. Liam had like one and a half birthday parties cause his birthday is on wednesday. The boys perform at the VMA’s in september and it looks as if these nest few months will be great for directioners.

So a few needed facts. The single went on sale for pre-order everywhere but Japan, Canada and the US, I believe.  It will be played on the radio first on September 1st and available on October 1st. Zayn apparently tweeted some lyrics from the song today, confirmed by Savan Kotecha.

On August 30th at 11pm ET/PT the boys will be on MTV’s “My First Time” special, talking about some of their favorite VMA performances! and on the 6th of September they will be performing at the VMA’s!!

If there is anything you guys may want us to look into or write about comment or send us a tweet!

I will now leave you with pictures of the boys…wet. I know, they love to torture us don’t they. lol 😛


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