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Directioners all over the Internet have been buzzing with hope that the Payzer duo,  will get back together. Liam Payne, 19 with 24-year-old dancer Danielle Peazer, who was his girlfriend for two years before they broke up in September 2012. Danielle is currently in New York after being invited by Liam for One Direction’s blow out Msg concert December 3rd. The trip was of course planned before the breakup and Peazer wanting to be nice followed up with it.

Peazer still maintains a good friendship with Eleanor Calder, 20, who has been dating  Liam’s bandmate 20-year-old Louis Tomlinson, who will also be at the concert. Aswell as Harry’s rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards whom is dating Zayn Malik.

However, Peazer’s decision to go through with the trip to New York City after the breakup indicates that she may have some unfinished business with Payne. After all, she can see Calder in England, where they both live. Peazer’s trip to New York City is clearly not to see Calder but to see Payne, who has been on a busy international travel schedule with One Direction to promote One Direction’s second album, “Take Me Home,” which was released in November 2012.

Sources say that Peazer dumped Liam due to issues of his busy schedule, loss of privacy, and constant harassment of jealous fans. Liam was devastated by the split and did not publicly comment on the breakup for several days. The possibility of a reconciliation with Peazer while she is in New York City may be why Payne recently took to twitter to deny claims that he was dating Leona Lewis, 27, who claimed in an interview with TheSun that the One Direction star and her were dating. 

Even though Peazer experienced harassment from One Direction fans, those fans are in the minority. Most One Direction fans have expressed admiration for Peazer, who often took time to interact with One Direction fans on the Internet and had a reputation for being nice to fans who approached her in person.

Fans all across the internet have been tweeting in support of the duo getting back together and whether or not that happens we shall see


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