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We’re back and Haylor at Msg?

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Well, there is nothing more cheerful then love at Christmas. Except, if you’re a directioner and your set on having Harry Styles being your groom. Because, girlies, Harry Styles has asked rumored girlfriend, Taylor Swift, to Monday’s big sold-out MSG concert. The Take Me Home star has recently said on Swift,” Taylor honestly couldn’t be a sweeter person.

‘She’s genuinely nice and extremely talented, and she deserves everything she has.”

The We Are Never Ever… star has just jetted back from Australia where she wowed crowds at the ARIA Awards in Sydney on Thursday night. She tweeted that she was due to be boarding a “million-hour flight”.

Taylor will most likely be sitting with the boys’ mummies and gurlies as one insider reveals:

“It’s such a momentous time for the boys and they want their girlfriends by their sides. Seeing Zayn with Perrie and Louis with Eleanor made Harry realize there’s a person he wants to be there with him, too. Taylor.”

I can’t wait too here the songs about their breakup!


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