5 Directions of Summer

Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !

1D madness never ends

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The boys after their Mohegan show 12/1/12 traveled to NYC to meet up with their family and friends, who were all there for the boys big MSG show monday. It was quiet when they got there but throughout the day Sunday the boys and their families were followed and mobbed. Their families tweeted about being followed and the craziness outside the hotel. All the chaos seem to be virtually infectious as twitter was in a buzz today after pictures surfaced of ‘Red’ singer Taylor Swift hanging out in central park with Harry.


Awh how adorable, though, directioners found the site repulsive apparently as many were against the ‘Haylor’ duo. Other optimistically suggested they were just friends and others supported their relationship whole-heartedly.

In other news Niall Horan was in another mobbing today, remember the mobbing in NYC only a few months ago? Well this time he was inside a taxi



These boys can no longer get any sleep as the crowds have even followed them to their hotel.




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