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Haylor (PICS & Vids)

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Well, I’m sure you all know about Haylor. It’s controversies and it’s rumors and what nots. Some people believe its real, some people believe its utterly fake. I, Taylor (haha I SWEAR I’m not t-swift!), first heard of the rumor when Taylor’s Red album came out and the rumor was Come Back…Be Here was about Harry. Though, rumors were spread and there was no “Official” proof of Haylor until December 2nd. Harry and Taylor were seen on a stroll through central park with Lou Teasdale, Tom Atkins, and Lux. So it might not have been a date  and the speculation between the two dating grew, but lets look at these adorb pictures.

Well, it was just one time right they weren’t seen again were they? Well sadly for you directioners out there, they were seen later that night having dinner with Harry’s parents and then later coming back to the hotel although Taylor did not get out of the vehicle.

Even though she was not able to attend the MSG concert as she was needed elsewhere for an awards ceremony she did make an apperance at the after party where there was apparently Karaoke and Harry carried her off the stage on his shoulder.

Here is a video of Taylor arriving at the after party: 

Harry and Swiftie then found their way back to her hotel where Harry didn’t emerge until the morning.

Some of these pictures are speculated to be “Fake” Look at the picture he is holding the gray shirt he was wearing when leaving the hotel in the morning and in the pic of him leaving the hotel in the morning he is carrying the black shirt!

He was spotted a second morning leaving swifts happy abode

so tell us, are you pro Haylor or do you say this teardrops on my guitar singer has to go cry a river elsewhere?



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