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One Direction rejects a condom deal

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Our boys, surprisingly, have turned down a sponsorship deal with a US condoms manufacturer despite a very sizeable offer, guess size doesn’t matter.

Sources closes to the band said that the offer was quite substantial and tied to a safe sex organisation in the US. Coming from just one of the biggest brands in the world. Their spokesperson said the deal fell through because the band had felt that their fans age group were too young for this type of product, and they were promoting dolls and games that were what their market audience was buying. However that doesn’t stop them from promoting another item deal for all their student boy-band-loving fans they added USB sticks to their long list of merchandise items.

One Direction’s merchandising arm has struck a deal to release branded USB and Lanyards from Koolstix. The USBs and lanyards are printed with images of the lads and are available at Officeworks.

One Direction rejects deal to promote condoms, releases USB sticks instead


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