5 Directions of Summer

Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !

Warnings on some tabloids.

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Directioners, this isn’t necessarily a article more of a warning. Don’t read everything you believe, I don’t post anything on here unless I’m 80% sure of it. I word it in a way that doesn’t cause too much drama. Be careful with what you read on some tabloids, The Sun for instance is one tabloid I swore off of reading. With recent Haylor reports it stated in an article earlier this week when the boys headed back to London and Harry took Taylor’s private jet some very false info.

 “Tensions reached boiling point on Saturday when Harry, 18, jumped on her private jet instead of travelling from New York with the rest of 1D. The lads had to fight their way through a crowd of fans at Heathrow and Liam Payne, 19, suffered painful injuries in the scrum.”

The Sun

I’m sure the lads weren’t entirely that pissed off to the point where they would break up. Liam even tweeted that his “injuries” was just a minor scratch.

So don’t fear and in the words of Zayn Malik, “This isn’t the last of One Direction.”


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