5 Directions of Summer

Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !


About Us

Fangirls. Stalking is our passion. YOU are our main priority.

OffIcial1DUS was originally created by Taylor on April 23, 2012. We started helping people meet the boys during the Unacassaville concert but never made a insider program till may 20th. We started the program under the watchful eye of Tracking1D who helped us immensley throught the UAN tour. After almost a year  we have over 15,000 followers, and in that year we’ve helped girls meet the boys, and have great experiences for a life time.

With 2 years under our belt and new music groups popping up everywhere the struggle to hold down the fort is hard, yet we are at it again.  On the account right now we have Mar and Von who happen to be both 5SOS and 1D fans.  With their passion for bands and music they decided to not only continue the 1D account but add on to the group and start a 5SOS one as well.  This blog is just an easier way to get updates on both groups.

We are so happy that everyone supports our account and we can continue to grow and have fun loving our wonderful boys! This account would not be possible without you guys, our followers. With this website, we can keep everyone updated and share some things that we enjoy. We would also like to think the founder Taylor and all the past co-owners, Maddy, Mandy, Mia and any others who have helped out.  Thanks for visiting 🙂

Mar and Von.


About Our Insider/VIP Program

Our VIP program is one of the original programs. We started it with Tracking1D and work together frequently. We’re not like the other ‘VIP’ or ‘Agent’ programs. We work to get basic information about the boys stay in your specific city, and if your chosen to be our insider you get this information and more!  We send them around the clock updates and places to find/meet/see the boys.

We’ve always asked for your phone number to text you and let you know whats going on, one of us always has our phone on loud so if you need help were always there for you to call..We have gotten our girls and GUYS to meet Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Olly, Eleanor, Preston, Paul, Jerry, Tom, Lux, Lou, Josh, Sandy, Dan, Jon, AND MORE!

Being a Insider has you doing some pretty crazy things. Which you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Standing outside the hotel for all hours of the night, sneaking into the hotel dressing up as a maid and breaking into 1Ds rooms, sleeping in hotel elevators, sneaking backstage, running away from Paul, getting yelled at by Andy, scaling walls, jumping fences, sleeping in cars, sleeping outside, hiding in bathrooms, and so many other random acts..If you think your interested then sign up!


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