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Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !

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One Direction Tribute Band…Already??

It seems as if a 1D Tribute band has been formed…my question is, is it a little to early of all this?

Five boys from Scotland who impersonate the boys are having their first show in Dumbarton on Saturday, August 9 at the Denny Civic Theatre.

Apparently they had to be evacuated from the boys gig in Edinburgh because people thought they were One Direction.

According to the daily record, “We are now trying to pick out the best parts of One Direction’s tours for the shows. We’ve got some great ideas and there will be lots of pyrotechnics.”

Do you guys think they look like the boys?

How do you think this will pan out?




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Speculated Album Tracklist


5 Seconds of Summer fans have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for a 5SOS album! The band has been promoted with various EPs and their success skyrocketed! This album is said to include the following tracks:


“She Looks So Perfect”

“Don’t Stop”

“Good Girls”

“Kiss Me, Kiss Me”


“Everything I Didn’t Say”

“Beside You”

“End Up Here”

“Long Way Home”

“Heartbreak Girl”

“Lost Boy”



Pre-order for this album starts May 19, 2014, so make sure you get your hands on it! May 19th is also an important date for fans to mark, 5SOS will be release a video single for ‘Don’t Stop’! This new single will also be included in their album! Unfortunately for the American fans the album won’t be available until July 22, 2014!

Its also said that you get a track as soon as you pre-order!










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What’s New With 5SOS?

These last couple of days have been a whirlwind for the fandom, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.  Just recently we got the release of the “Don’t Stop” music video.

Today we received not only a fun little pac-man like game from the boys entitled “Hungry 5SOS”  but the game offered us snippets off the new album!  While playing the game you can also listen to the album snippets or find them here. (thanks to the awesomeness of tumblr and all the great blogs I follow.)

P.S. The dots in the game spell out 5SOS….tell me that’s not adorbs.

The album is rumored to be dropped on July 22nd and the new video should be out on May 19th! This beautiful picture of Ashton has me impatiently waiting for the video. What about you guys?



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Who’s ready for this? Definitely not me.

The US Tour should be one to remember as both Niall Horan and Liam Payne will both be turning 21!  This not only means 4/5 being able to soon legally drink but also a possible joint birthday.

“I reckon myself and Liam will have a joint 21st, he’s two weeks before mine,” Said Horan, according to News Talk. “We’ll have a few drinks for that. We’ve been touring America the last three years unable to touch a drop.”

We can only hope for lots of pictures, and possible drunk selfies in the upcoming months!  This just gives us all more reason to look forward to the US leg of the Where We Are Tour!



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The guys are taking on the world again in 2014 in their stadium tour called Where We Are.

Although a rumor at first, it is confirmed that One Direction will be filming a sequel to This Is Us while on

the road. Last year This Is Us sold nearly 55 Million at the box office worldwide! Source says that Morgan

Spurlock, director of the film, has confirmed they have already started filming!







Lookout For Manika

With the release of her third single, “My Way”, twenty-year-old singing sensation, Manika, is one to watch out for in the very near future.  Discovered by Michael Jackson’s long-time manager, Frank DiLeo, Manika moved from her hometown of Las Vegas to now home of Los Angeles.   In the last year she has become more and more well known and she even got to tour with the world’s biggest boy-band, One Direction.

“It had only been less than a year since my first single was released when I was asked to go on tour with them.  It was really surreal.“ said Manika, “ So many things in the industry are last minute, I found out two weeks before the tour started.”

Her love for music has been with her since childhood.  Manika has loved music and singing since she was little and was shy in her early years, except when she was on stage performing.

With her ever-growing fan base, her new music video for her third single has been recently released and in the following month her fans, better known as Manikans, should be on the lookout for her debut album.

“My music is pop music with some rock elements in it,” says Manika.

Listing artists like P!nk  and Avril Lavigne who’s “vibe is awesome”,  Ke$ha, Michael Jackson and even “taking it back to the 80’s” with Aerosmith who’s “guitar riffs are amazing” as some of her influences to describe her sound.

 “My fans have been waiting for an album,” said Manika.

But, with the death of her manager during the release of her first single, everything was unfortunately pushed back.  Her fans should not have to wait much longer however, as her album release date is estimated to be in June.

Fan’s are in for a treat because the album is no regular album. Fans can look forward to a double album that will feature 27 songs and five music videos all for the price of one album.  This album will be a combination of sugar-sweet pop and rock-pop.

 “It’s a combination of me back when I was seventeen and me now, which is more mature,” says Manika.

Along with the album release, Manika will make guest appearances with Aaron Carter during a few of his shows, most likely on the West Coast.   Manika also mentioned to us to be on the lookout on her website for her tour diaries from One Direction’s “Up All Night” Tour which she just got cleared for permission to release from One Direction and their management.

We look forward to seeing much more of Manika in the future.

Manika’s New Music Video “My Way”

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Following One Direction Around New York, and Getting Paid To Do So.

The paparazzi always seem to be in the right place at the right time.  Many may even get jealous because of the amount of time they have seen their favorite celebrity, but, have you ever wondered what it’s actually like being the infamous paparazzi or what it may take to get into the profession? Well, we might just be able to tell you from our interview with Justin from @stupidfamous on twitter , who helped to get a lot of the pictures and videos that Directioners were freaking out over while the boys were in New York.

First, let’s see what it was like to see fans from an outsiders point of view.  All can agree that the amount of Directioners in NYC were insane, and so were their actions, which could have lead to even more hurt fans and even put the boys in danger.

“Pretty insane, I’d say borderline dangerous, “ said Justin. “Maybe that explains all the new bodyguards? There’s a crazy crowd mentality that happens when you get 200 teenage girls who are all completely obsessed with the same thing. And when that thing (in this case, the 1D) appears in front of them suddenly, you can expect complete chaos. And that’s what has happened about 90% of the time. You can see it in our videos, but even then you won’t understand what it really feels like when hundreds of people are running through the streets screaming at the top of their lungs. “

Regardless of the chaos, focusing on One Direction for a few days definitely has its perks.

“Working on someone like One Direction is a really fun break from our usual work. Fact is, chasing around 5 boys with massive success and having over 2 million people loving the videos we post online is a pretty cool thing to have happen. When I started doing this stuff, I was a kid around the same age as them, running around New York City and discovering the craziness of it all. So when I see them shooting nerf guns in Times Square, I can relate to that completely,” said Justin.

Along with tips on how it is to be inside the crowd, we also got a few tips on how to meet the boys.  The main point, don’t give up hope.

“Try, try, try, and keep trying,” said Justin. “A friend of ours has 5 photos with Harry Styles, know why? Because she tries to see him any chance she can. I asked her last week if she ever skipped school to meet them, and she said “only once.” — so it can be done without pissing off your parents, too.”

Have you seemed to acquire a niche for celebrities and want to know how someone like Justin got into the paparazzi business?  He also told us how he personally became a paparazzi and what made him want to do so.

“ ‘I was a paparazzi before I ever had a camera.’ Those were my exact words when I setup a meeting with a top photo agency and asked them to buy me a camera and let me shoot for them. And it was the truth, too,” said Justin. “When I was a kid, I started collecting autographs, and eventually started getting autographs as a profession, getting and selling them online. After awhile it became boring, and I became tired of asking celebrities permission to make money. “Can you sign this?” turned into hiding in a car and taking pictures through a tinted window. Why ask when you can take? And it’s a lot more interesting to document history with images and videos than it is to receive a scribbled name on a piece of paper. So that’s that. Who do I snap next? I ask myself every day.”

What do people like Justin do when they are not chasing the world’s biggest boy band around the city you ask?

“Another day, another dollar,” said Justin. “Most of the time the city is slow and it’s the same boring celebrities wandering around the streets. Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, crap like that. My favorite celebrities to shoot are the ones who hide, run, and make it difficult. Someone like Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson or Leonardo DiCaprio. When you’re trying to take pictures of someone that does everything possible to avoid having it happen, it’s that much more rewarding when you win. Ever have Leonardo DiCaprio give you the finger? It’s pretty funny. “

We now know though, that the next time our boys are in the big apple, we have paparazzi on our side to give us pictures, and videos, especially those at stupidfamouspeople.com.

“Would we do it again? Abso-fucking-lutely. We’ll be making videos of 1D for as long as Directioners want us to,” said Justin.

You can check out the stories on the boys time in NYC and many more at www.youtube.com/user/stupidfamouspeople and http://www.facebook.com/stupidfamouspeople . You can also follow them on twitter @stupidfamouspeople and don’t forget to follow us! @official1DUS.