5 Directions of Summer

Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !

Birthday Video

Hey guys!  So my name is Marhesha and me and my best friend Yvonne run @official5SOSUS and @official1DUS !

We both dance and were making choreography up and decided that we should use it for a birthday video for the boys!

We wanted to incorporate more fans however so, we thought we would open the video up to all you guys!

We thought it would be a cool idea to make a birthday video for Ashton and Luke for their birthdays in July!

The song would be the 2nd verse Choruses / Instrumental/ “Happy Birthday” part of the song Birthday by Katy Perry!

If you are interested in the Video please submit a video or pictures with either:

-Fan Signs

-Lip Dubs


-Anything Else You Can think of…

to theadventuresofyum@gmail.com by July 3rd, 2014.

We would also like you to include your twitter name somewhere in the email!

Thanks guys and hopefully this works out as well as I think it will!



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