5 Directions of Summer

Updated info on 1D and 5SOS !


How Do I Become An Insider?

  • You can become and Insider by pressing on one of the three tabs above. Insider Form, International form, or 2013 Form.
  • Once you select your form copy and paste it into an email and fill it out
Do you know what hotel the boys are staying at
  • Most likely we do, but do to safety concerns we cant give it out. We cant confirm or deny we can give hints. They might not be good ones but thats life.
Where do I send the email to?
  • Official1DUS@gmail.com
Can I be an Insider for _____________?
  • Dates that are available are on the left hand side. If they are not striked out then they are available for insiders.

When will I get my info Email?

  • A day before they’re supposed to arrive.
When will I get my accepted email/Rejected email?
  • As soon as we read your email
What does Hot Spots Mean?
  • What are the popular spots?
What Does ‘Do you have any info for the rest of 2012/2013 mean?
  • Do you have any information that we could use, any hotels for the next few dates you know of ect.
Can you make an exception?
  • No
Your racist.
  • We don’t know what you look like?
Why Didn’t You Pick Me?
  • We were too full or we felt like you weren’t a good candidate.
How do you choose your insiders?
  • We go by the why should we choose you and how much work you put into your email.
How many insiders do you have?
  • 5 per City
What is an Insider?
  • Someone who is our eyes and ears and texts us what happens by the minute.
Do I have to go to the concert?
  • No.

Have you notified your insiders for being chosen for ——————-?

  • If you haven’t gotten and email. You will just wait, it will be either a rejection or a acception. We literally get 100+ emails a day.

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