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Lookout For Manika

With the release of her third single, “My Way”, twenty-year-old singing sensation, Manika, is one to watch out for in the very near future.  Discovered by Michael Jackson’s long-time manager, Frank DiLeo, Manika moved from her hometown of Las Vegas to now home of Los Angeles.   In the last year she has become more and more well known and she even got to tour with the world’s biggest boy-band, One Direction.

“It had only been less than a year since my first single was released when I was asked to go on tour with them.  It was really surreal.“ said Manika, “ So many things in the industry are last minute, I found out two weeks before the tour started.”

Her love for music has been with her since childhood.  Manika has loved music and singing since she was little and was shy in her early years, except when she was on stage performing.

With her ever-growing fan base, her new music video for her third single has been recently released and in the following month her fans, better known as Manikans, should be on the lookout for her debut album.

“My music is pop music with some rock elements in it,” says Manika.

Listing artists like P!nk  and Avril Lavigne who’s “vibe is awesome”,  Ke$ha, Michael Jackson and even “taking it back to the 80’s” with Aerosmith who’s “guitar riffs are amazing” as some of her influences to describe her sound.

 “My fans have been waiting for an album,” said Manika.

But, with the death of her manager during the release of her first single, everything was unfortunately pushed back.  Her fans should not have to wait much longer however, as her album release date is estimated to be in June.

Fan’s are in for a treat because the album is no regular album. Fans can look forward to a double album that will feature 27 songs and five music videos all for the price of one album.  This album will be a combination of sugar-sweet pop and rock-pop.

 “It’s a combination of me back when I was seventeen and me now, which is more mature,” says Manika.

Along with the album release, Manika will make guest appearances with Aaron Carter during a few of his shows, most likely on the West Coast.   Manika also mentioned to us to be on the lookout on her website for her tour diaries from One Direction’s “Up All Night” Tour which she just got cleared for permission to release from One Direction and their management.

We look forward to seeing much more of Manika in the future.

Manika’s New Music Video “My Way”