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One Direction to do a charity single


One Direction are releasing the official Comic Relief single. The ‘Take Me Home’ singers will make their mark on Blondie’s classic song, ‘ One Way Or Another’ for a charity campaign and perform the track live on BBC’s Red Nose Day coverage on Friday, March 31st 2013.

Harry Styles, 18, commented

“We have grown up with Comic Relief and taken part in lots of Red Nose Days at school so we were thrilled to be asked to do this year’s Red Nose Day single. It’s such an honour for us. We can’t wait to perform our version of this iconic pop song and raise as much money as possible for this incredibly important cause that is really close to our hearts.”

Band mate Zayn Malik chimed in:

“At school Red Nose Day was a big deal! Me and my friends used to really look forward to it!”

It comes as no surprise One Direction was chosen for the honor after the chart-topping boy band made music history when their second record, ‘Take Me Home’, ranked as well as their first and went straight to Number One in the album charts across the globe. Comic Relief’s annual fundraiser sees an A-list line-up of singers and comedians do their bit to raise money for charity. British artists who have previously recorded the prestigious single include Sir Cliff Richard, McFly, the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Boyzone, the Sugababes and Westlife.


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Warnings on some tabloids.

Directioners, this isn’t necessarily a article more of a warning. Don’t read everything you believe, I don’t post anything on here unless I’m 80% sure of it. I word it in a way that doesn’t cause too much drama. Be careful with what you read on some tabloids, The Sun for instance is one tabloid I swore off of reading. With recent Haylor reports it stated in an article earlier this week when the boys headed back to London and Harry took Taylor’s private jet some very false info.

 “Tensions reached boiling point on Saturday when Harry, 18, jumped on her private jet instead of travelling from New York with the rest of 1D. The lads had to fight their way through a crowd of fans at Heathrow and Liam Payne, 19, suffered painful injuries in the scrum.”

The Sun

I’m sure the lads weren’t entirely that pissed off to the point where they would break up. Liam even tweeted that his “injuries” was just a minor scratch.

So don’t fear and in the words of Zayn Malik, “This isn’t the last of One Direction.”

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One Direction rejects a condom deal

Our boys, surprisingly, have turned down a sponsorship deal with a US condoms manufacturer despite a very sizeable offer, guess size doesn’t matter.

Sources closes to the band said that the offer was quite substantial and tied to a safe sex organisation in the US. Coming from just one of the biggest brands in the world. Their spokesperson said the deal fell through because the band had felt that their fans age group were too young for this type of product, and they were promoting dolls and games that were what their market audience was buying. However that doesn’t stop them from promoting another item deal for all their student boy-band-loving fans they added USB sticks to their long list of merchandise items.

One Direction’s merchandising arm has struck a deal to release branded USB and Lanyards from Koolstix. The USBs and lanyards are printed with images of the lads and are available at Officeworks.

One Direction rejects deal to promote condoms, releases USB sticks instead

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One Direction singing toothbrushes, clothing lines, and merchandise

So our boys have teamed up with the company Brush Buddies to have; yes, One Direction singing toothbrushes that will go on sale outside of North America in the new year.  Each toothbrush will have two songs from the Up All Night Album: “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing” . Brush Buddies made the announcement December 6th, their CEO commented in a press release that they were extatic to announce that they [the boys] were the second music group in their portfolio, they were especially excited about launching in the boy’s home countries of the UK and Ireland. Their products have been known for representing artists in their unique way and the packaging allows customers to play the songs on the brush while maintaining the safe hygenic shell. Brush Buddies acquired the worldwide license to produce these singing toothbrushes utilizing the name, likeness, and the music of One Direction.

One direction is the biggest known global act to emerge from the british-origined “The X Factor.” The group’s two albums Up all Night and Take Me Home have been number 1 on the hit charts in several countries, and One Direction’s headlining tours have sold out. Coming from the singing competition The X Factor U.K. and placing third is making millions not only through their music sales but through merchandising and touring.

The merchandising company, the Wish Factory has several One Direction novelty items that went on sale in September 2012, including key chains, dog tags, earrings, wristbands, dioramas and more. Most of the items are priced at $5 to $15 each in the United States. The Wish Factory also announced in a press release that the company “will also be producing a collection of 1D licensed products for the company’s exclusive Pop Grrl brand, featuring hip and trendy fashion-forward must haves for girls’ everyday self expression.” So Directioners, yes, the boys will be coming out with a clothing line.

Global Merchandising Services (which represents One Direction worldwide) has inked licensing deals with several companies for One Direction merchandise items.

They include:

Accessory Innovations (bags/backpacks)
Browntrout Publishers (calendars)
First Act (musical instruments)
Hasbro (master toys)
I Star (plush, light-up toys)
Jazwares (electronics)
LF USA (sleepwear in U.S.)
LaMour (sleepwear in Canada)
Jay Franco (bedding products in U.S.)
Revolution (bedding products in Canada)
MZ Berger (watches, clocks)
Sky High (stationery)
Trends International (posters)
Wish Factory (novelties)

Hasbro is selling One Direction dolls and children’s games currently in the U.S., while Jazwares announced recently that they will be producing one direction headphones, clocks, stereos and karaoke machines. HarperCollins set a deal with One Direction’s managers to sell official One Direction books and calendars. Their calendar has been the best seller for two years in a row.


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Haylor (PICS & Vids)

Well, I’m sure you all know about Haylor. It’s controversies and it’s rumors and what nots. Some people believe its real, some people believe its utterly fake. I, Taylor (haha I SWEAR I’m not t-swift!), first heard of the rumor when Taylor’s Red album came out and the rumor was Come Back…Be Here was about Harry. Though, rumors were spread and there was no “Official” proof of Haylor until December 2nd. Harry and Taylor were seen on a stroll through central park with Lou Teasdale, Tom Atkins, and Lux. So it might not have been a date  and the speculation between the two dating grew, but lets look at these adorb pictures.

Well, it was just one time right they weren’t seen again were they? Well sadly for you directioners out there, they were seen later that night having dinner with Harry’s parents and then later coming back to the hotel although Taylor did not get out of the vehicle.

Even though she was not able to attend the MSG concert as she was needed elsewhere for an awards ceremony she did make an apperance at the after party where there was apparently Karaoke and Harry carried her off the stage on his shoulder.

Here is a video of Taylor arriving at the after party: 

Harry and Swiftie then found their way back to her hotel where Harry didn’t emerge until the morning.

Some of these pictures are speculated to be “Fake” Look at the picture he is holding the gray shirt he was wearing when leaving the hotel in the morning and in the pic of him leaving the hotel in the morning he is carrying the black shirt!

He was spotted a second morning leaving swifts happy abode

so tell us, are you pro Haylor or do you say this teardrops on my guitar singer has to go cry a river elsewhere?


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1D madness never ends

The boys after their Mohegan show 12/1/12 traveled to NYC to meet up with their family and friends, who were all there for the boys big MSG show monday. It was quiet when they got there but throughout the day Sunday the boys and their families were followed and mobbed. Their families tweeted about being followed and the craziness outside the hotel. All the chaos seem to be virtually infectious as twitter was in a buzz today after pictures surfaced of ‘Red’ singer Taylor Swift hanging out in central park with Harry.


Awh how adorable, though, directioners found the site repulsive apparently as many were against the ‘Haylor’ duo. Other optimistically suggested they were just friends and others supported their relationship whole-heartedly.

In other news Niall Horan was in another mobbing today, remember the mobbing in NYC only a few months ago? Well this time he was inside a taxi



These boys can no longer get any sleep as the crowds have even followed them to their hotel.



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Payzer Reunion!

Newscom TagID: infphotos583277/Photo via Newscom

Directioners all over the Internet have been buzzing with hope that the Payzer duo,  will get back together. Liam Payne, 19 with 24-year-old dancer Danielle Peazer, who was his girlfriend for two years before they broke up in September 2012. Danielle is currently in New York after being invited by Liam for One Direction’s blow out Msg concert December 3rd. The trip was of course planned before the breakup and Peazer wanting to be nice followed up with it.

Peazer still maintains a good friendship with Eleanor Calder, 20, who has been dating  Liam’s bandmate 20-year-old Louis Tomlinson, who will also be at the concert. Aswell as Harry’s rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards whom is dating Zayn Malik.

However, Peazer’s decision to go through with the trip to New York City after the breakup indicates that she may have some unfinished business with Payne. After all, she can see Calder in England, where they both live. Peazer’s trip to New York City is clearly not to see Calder but to see Payne, who has been on a busy international travel schedule with One Direction to promote One Direction’s second album, “Take Me Home,” which was released in November 2012.

Sources say that Peazer dumped Liam due to issues of his busy schedule, loss of privacy, and constant harassment of jealous fans. Liam was devastated by the split and did not publicly comment on the breakup for several days. The possibility of a reconciliation with Peazer while she is in New York City may be why Payne recently took to twitter to deny claims that he was dating Leona Lewis, 27, who claimed in an interview with TheSun that the One Direction star and her were dating. 

Even though Peazer experienced harassment from One Direction fans, those fans are in the minority. Most One Direction fans have expressed admiration for Peazer, who often took time to interact with One Direction fans on the Internet and had a reputation for being nice to fans who approached her in person.

Fans all across the internet have been tweeting in support of the duo getting back together and whether or not that happens we shall see